Tavistock Goose Fair Cattle Market Open Day

Wednesday 14th October 2015

Tavistock has held an annual Goose Fair dating back to the early 12th century.  In those days the then Michaelmas fair was held every September 29th allowing the trading of livestock as well as a social event.   The name goose fair is likely to have come from the trading of geese which were later fattened for Christmas.  Nottingham also holds a goose fair with similar origins.

Over the years the fair has developed into to what we have today with traders travelling from far and wide to sell to the public.

These days the trading of livestock has virtually ceased on the day itself.  Up until relatively recently the Goose Fair cattle sale was held on Goose Fair day itself.  However due to the pressure of traffic and parking the only livestock still sold on the day are geese and poultry.

The more traditional side of Goose Fair can be found at the annual open day held at Tavistock Livestock Centre on Goose Fair day.  Attractions include cattle, sheep and ponies as well as demonstrations and exhibits which vary from cookery to activities for children with the traditional live Geese and Poultry auction takes place at 2pm.  A variety of local trade stands will be in attendance selling food, drink and local crafts.  Too maintain the tradition Hot Goose rolls and Hot Pork rolls will be served in Joe’s Cattle Market Kitchen.  Anyone who would like a stall selling local produce or crafts should contact David on 01822 610080.

The Livestock Market will be open from 10am-4pm and admission is free just follow the geese from Whitchurch Road roundabout.

To keep up to date with all the latest news about the open day visit our facebook page hereM

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